Minority Business Initiatives

Annually USICOC conducts workshops on “How to be certified as a minority vendor”.

This certification is a business development initiative that helps socially and economically disadvantaged American Citizens gain access to available economic opportunities.

The objectives of this initiative are to :

  • Increase the number and productivity of the MBEs around the Dallas Fort Worth Area
  • Provide the expertise and guidance to assist MBEs
  • Foster and promote public and private partnerships to improve and enhance the climate for MBEs to conduct business.

Minority Purchasing initiatives are carried out by most leading corporations in virtually every sector of commercial business including manufacturing, airlines, insurance, foods, computers, telecommunications, and consumer products and services. Its primary purpose is to insure that suppliers of raw materials and services include businesses owned by minority groups.

The thrust of this initiative is focused on sourcing and pre-qualifying competitive minority owned companies so that the pool of suppliers mirrors the customer base.

Women's Business Initiatives

Women-owned businesses are increasing in number, range, diversity and earning power in and around the Dallas Fort Worth Area. The US India Chamber of Commerce designs, develops and deploys economic initiatives to propel women entrepreneurs into economic, social, and political spheres of power within this area.

The USICOC women’s business initiatives aim to:

  • Foster relations with women business owners to exchange ideas and opportunities
  • Provide certification and procurement opportunities
  • Provide networking opportunities through business workshops and franchise expositions
  • Recognize outstanding achievements through the Annual Awards Banquet

These business initiatives provide an invaluable platform through which women business owners can attend conferences and seminars on the trends, regulations and new technologies that impact their business.

As entrepreneurs we encourage you to advertise, leverage and promote your business through speaking and networking opportunities that put these women owned businesses at the forefront of these activities.

International Business Initiatives

The US INDIA Chamber of Commerce offers specific experience in the following areas: 

  • Dealing with companies in the Dallas Fort-Worth area interested in gaining a presence in Asia by accessing the Indian market.
  • Assessment of business opportunities
  • Matching companies to suitable opportunities which will maximize impact
  • Preparing and leading overseas visits
  • Negotiation and deal making in technology transfer
  • Business planning and sourcing of funds 

Our team of entrepreneurial consultants lead the way in defining new approaches to international business development. Having established successful businesses in and around the Dallas Fort-Worth area whilst still maintaining strong ties with businesses in India, they represent a wealth of business information and experience.  

They provide extensive field experience in policy dialogue, infrastructure development, small business networking, and information and communications technologies through work with the Indian and US governments.

Technology Business Initiatives

The main objectives of these Technology initiatives are business promotion, to exchange views on and diffusion of technologies within corporations in the Dallas Fort Worth Area and between these corporations and India.

Annually, USICOC serves as a single point of contact for national policy makers, country representatives, technology transfer specialists, private sector companies and financial institutions who are invited as speakers and panelists.

USICOC serves as a common foundation for corporations looking for the right partner and leading professionals looking at employment opportunities. USICOC's Business Luncheons provide business opportunities with Business/Government Delegations with a focus on Plastics, Food Processing, Healthcare, Software, Power/Energy, Automobile Parts, and Infrastructure Development.